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  • Oli's Uncommon Cents - $8.00

    Children's Fiction Novel

  • Giant Book of Answers -

    God Chooses Imperfect Pots $14.00

    Family Devotional and Children's Church, Home-school Curriculum, covers the following topics:

    God's chosen people, Bible as truth, what was the purpose for the Old Testament laws, atonement, The Ark of the Covenant, prophets, Jesus - The Last Atonement, why did God send His Son, how God speaks to us, God's truth abiding in us, conditional promises, seeking God's direction, what to do when bad things happen, talking to others about God, we're God's treasures, why bad things happen.

  • Giant Book of Answers -

    From Kings to Christmas $14.00

    Family Devotionals,  Children's Church and Home-school curriculum - lessons teach the navigation of the Old and New Testament. Books of the Bible are broken down into categories and brief descriptions are taught regarding the books contents and intent.

    This book will be available in October.

  • Admission Fee - $329.00

    Admission Fee for a nine-week term is to be paid upon final acceptance of First Step form and manuscript proposal.

  • Monthly Membership Fee for 6 Months - $324.00

    Six months of coaching. Monthly fee of $54, billed for a six month minimum and renewable after the duration is complete, if desired. Payment due after completion of First Step form and final acceptance.