Our Coaches and their writings

As a team of writers we have compiled testimonies, stories, curriculum and devotions that will inspire you. We have obeyed the call to write stories about difficult times in our lives and testimonies of the power of God moving through impossible situations. We want to share our stories, experience and assistance with you in hopes you will glean from God what we have learned or acquired, sometimes, the hard way. We continue to work on manuscripts and books, as we believe that writing is a form of worship.

What we know to be true about our earthly journey is that not every trial has to be difficult, but rest assured, every trial teaches us a lesson, and from that a story that can be told.

James 1:2-4  NIV

Consider it pure joy my brothers and sisters, whenever you face trials of many kinds, because you know that the testing of your faith produces perseverance. Let perseverance finish its work so that you may be mature, not lacking anything.        

  • Deborah Allen

    Deborah Allen writes for family and children She has worked in lay Sunday School ministry for over thirty years . Deborah is the mother of three grown children and grandmother to eight grandchildren. She has been married to Jim Allen for nearly forty years, and they live in Moscow, Idaho. Her educational background is in Landscape Architecture from the University of Idaho and Writing from UC Berkeley.

    Her passion is helping others develop their testimonies and leading them through the process of story development, plot and character development. She believes in the healing power of writing: "Removing the pain that hides within us and putting it on paper changes the way we perceive ourselves, others and most importantly, God. Writing allows us to better understand how God has been weaving a tapestry in our lives through the trials. His end-game is developing Christ-like character within us, and teaching His children how to trust His love. The process of writing allows the Holy Spirit to show us what He truly has done in us so He can better work through us; we are each His masterpiece."

    Prior to coaching for Simply Edify, Deborah began working as a writing coach in 2013 for LAF Ministries.

    She has written two family devotional books in the Giant Book of Answers series. She is presently working on another family series, Bible Heroes and Their Dogs, which is driven by her understanding of God's unconditional love, often displayed through her two Australian Shepherds, Marty and Mose. She is also working on an adult book, entitled, Big Dad, Little Dad - Strong Dad, Weak Dad, a book exploring the contrast of our magnificent Heavenly Father and God's desire for our earthly fathers. Deborah has also written, Oli's Uncommon Cents, a fanciful and adventurous children's fiction novel that describes her own childhood journey. Her novel was God's means of healing as he led her through former pain into forgiveness, and thus, through the process of teaching her personal worth.

  • Luanne Mohr

    Luanne Mohr was born in Wisconsin into a Christian home. Her family moved to Arizona when she was 12 years old, and she accepted Jesus as her personal Savior at age 13. At age 20 she married Jon Mohr, whom she met at Grand Canyon University in Phoenix, and they began their music ministry singing with Festival of Praise as part of the Spurrlows, based out of Orlando, FL. Jon and Luanne also sang for three years as part of the PTL Singers, based in Charlotte, N.C.  Jon continued his singing and song writing career from Franklin, TN while part of the Gaither Vocal Band and then the Carolee Singers at The Grand Ol’ Opry, as Luanne began having their six children.

    God called their family to be missionaries in Ukraine, where they lived and ministered for nine years. While there, Luanne wrote The Chosen Bride, a medieval allegorical novel about the bride of Christ. A companion guide is also available to facilitate teaching the book to groups. God then called them to be a part of Bethel Church in Redding, CA. It is there that Luanne was hired to help write the first and second year curriculums for their Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry satellite schools around the world.

    Luanne’s love of writing, combined with her love for God and people, compels her to help others to tell their own stories of God’s wonderful works in their lives. People feel safe and encouraged with Luanne to reveal those personal circumstances and revelations of their journey. Her questions help draw out important lessons and insights, which can then be organized into a cohesive presentation. She is skilled in proof reading, grammar and editing to polish off the finished project with excellence.

    Luanne presently resides with her family in Burbank, California.

  • Terry Rath

    Terry Rath has been writing poetry since the days of high school, but he did not seriously pursue the prospect of publishing until the last few years.  He has been a salesman, a radio disc jockey, played in musical groups and has traveled extensively with Sandy, his wife of more than forty-two years.  They have lived in five states and currently reside in Colorado, where they enjoy their children and grandchildren.  He loves traveling, writing, reading and playing his guitars.  You will notice in his poetry his undying love for the ocean, no matter what the locale.  The Thoughts and Dreams of a Wanderer is Terry’s first published book of poetry.

    This collection of poetry, consists of a lifetime of people, places, experiences, journeys and interactions.  The wonder of God's amazing creation has been the grounding source for Terry's blend of poetry.  He has categorized his verse into six sections, consisting of "Landscapes, Seasons and Nature," "Inspirational Thoughts," "Family and Friends," "Reflections," "Destinations," and "Books and Music."

    Terry and his wife, Sandy have traveled to most of the states in this nation, as well as Canada, Mexico and the Caribbean. Each locale has had its unique effect on his inspiration to write.  The thousands of people he has been in contact with over the years have also been a major contributor to his poetry.  Above all, he credits God for supplying all things necessary to complete this collection.  He is currently working on a second collection of poems for his next book.

  • Marie Warner

    Marie Warner was raised in northern Idaho, and is the youngest of four siblings.  She presently lives in Redding, California with her husband Kurt, and they have four children.   Marie has been a Registered Dietitian for 28 years and has worked in hospital and long-term care settings. In her time as a dietitian, as well as in her personal life, she has watched the process of choice play out in people’s lives, emotionally and physically.  She has learned in her field we are not “what we eat,” but rather, “what we absorb.” Marie looks at life from the perspective of how we have absorbed our value from the perception of our experiences and relationships. 

    Her passion is to restore life at a cellular and even a vibrational level.  As she has watched people in their last days on earth, she has come to the realization that she could help send encouraging insights from their stories to people still able to make course corrections in their younger years. 

    Marie has learned to process pain with a pen.  Her memoirs are a work in progress, and she is seeking others who will take the chance and dare to bring their story out into the light.  

    She has positioned herself as a student along with those who are willing, and is stepping out of the safety of the familiar into her passion of helping others unearth their story.  Her vision is for the emotional release that writing provides to both writer and reader.   Marie believes that “truth is alive and it grows,” and invites other writers to share their truth, to dare to share the secrets of their own story in order to bring healing. 

    Marie believes that shame has robbed too many from the release and the beauty of a redemption story.  Using poetry to extract pain and unveil the insight that rests inside her soul, she considers  writing one of the best forms of therapy and has experienced first-hand  “Redemption Happens.”  She wants to help people step out of the fear of writing to help bring healing and redemption and to find the treasure of a willing heart.