Who We are

We are a team of writers who believe that there is power in the written word and that exercising the discipline of writing allows us to honor God and speak of His glory and grace. Ultimately, the written Word of God is the final authority, and it is His Word that we reach for, grasp and hold on to with gratitude. For each of us, as writers, God has called and commissioned us to pursue Him with every fiber of our strength. He has given us testimonies of His overcoming power that we are compelled to share.

We invite others to explore their interest in writing; we believe it to be a form of worship. When practiced, it becomes a creative act of obedience to the Father.

Habakkuk 2:2 NIV

"Then the Lord replied: “Write down the revelation and make it plain on tablets so that a herald may run with it."

People who are asked to write revelations on tablets do so to bring honor to God.

This call is one that Simply Edify is passionate about pursuing.

Our mission

Our mission is two-fold. We primarily want believers to understand that God relentlessly pursues and desires relationship with us. Scripture is intended to teach humanity that God is a God who loves, reaches out and draws people to Himself, with no exceptions. Unlike other world religions, Christianity is about God reaching down to humanity rather than requiring mankind to achieve certain performance standards and rules in order to reach up to Him. We purpose to write testimonies, devotional material, poetry and curriculum that lead others to discover the great freedom they have in Jesus Christ.

Secondarily Simply Edify is a community of writers answering the call of Jesus to testify through writing. We believe the power of our testimony is indisputable and effective in displaying the creative and unique qualities of God in a person’s life. Every believer has a story of grace, that when shared, will change the atmosphere of faith around them. We are helpers and encouragers who wish to steward our gifts by uplifting and equipping others to write their stories.